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Nima R.

It’s rare to see an agent who buys a house for you or sells your house as if he or she is buying or selling for her own family member. From the moment I met Azita, I had this wonderful feeling; the feeling of trust, and she is on top of her game. Azita is very professional, passionate, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and has a great vision for investment and remodeling. She has lots of expert connections that come in handy when you need them the most, whether you are tight on time or budget or both. I bought my first house with Azita’s help, while there were multiple offers on the house. I then sold that house a few years later, while receiving 7 strong offers before even going into the market. In both transactions, she was so knowledgeable and detail-oriented that I didn’t have to worry about anything at all. But her masterpiece was when she bought my current house for me. I still cannot believe how she did it! She has the best vision and acts very fast with her team of experts. She is super nice and connects with people easily and I think that gives her a huge advantage when it comes to tough buying or selling situations. Every friend whom I introduced Azita to, had a similar experience with her and happily bought their houses with Azita’s help.

Hong L.

One of the biggest purchases you will make in life is a home. Having done this 3 times, I learned the importance of teaming up with a real estate agent who loves her job. Azita eats, drinks, and breathes real estate like it's her life. Her passion to help her clients, coupled with her knowledge of the market, equates to the most stress-free house hunting experience. Best customer service and friendship! Azita spent half of her Saturday introducing us to the streets of Los Gatos and explaining the pricing. This marked the beginning of a challenging journey to find an affordable home with a limited budget and timeline (I was 3 months pregnant). The market was flooded with foreign investors and contractors who were submitting all-cash offers. Azita was heavily involved with the market, so she knew exactly what was going on and what we needed to do to win in this market. It was difficult to see that houses were being sold +100K over the listed price. She was patient and gave us time to accept how crazy the housing market was. Before long, we came to our senses and Azita found us the perfect home right in the heart of Los Gatos downtown. We are blessed to have Azita as our real estate agent. She understands the volatility of the housing market. She has strong ties with the community and other agents. People trust her and her work ethic. Our transaction went smoothly because her reputation stretches far. People recognize her name and her quality of work. Azita is well respected by those whose lives have been touched by her. She is our friend for life.

Teresa M.

Azita goes the distance until the deal is done with grace and strength. Azita stepped into a tricky situation, four strong-willed women presumed ready to sell their family legacy home of 50 years. If it weren’t for Azita and her stellar team, we’d still be debating what to do first and how to do it. On day one of prepping the home for market Azita unexpectedly showed up to manage the gut-wrenching day for us complete with a lovely catered lunch. Azita’s personal and professional support made us feel confident we made the right choice to sell our home. Azita dialed into the history of our property, home design, and family stories of how this became a special home. She shared it effortlessly with prospective buyers and at houses, which Azita always ran personally, which we really respected. Azita is a true professional with a huge heart and we thank her for finding the perfect buyer for our unique home.

Farshid R.

We started looking for our first home almost a year ago. We made six offers and lost to the competition every single time. Feeling frustrated, we realized the root cause was working with an who was not well-established in the neighborhood we were looking for. Our friends who had recently purchased their home strongly recommended Azita to us. In our very first encounter with her, she left a great impression on us. She is in this business for more than 20 years, which has made her a seasoned who can bring real value to the table. She is an avid listener who gives her full attention to her clients and quickly discovers their exact needs. She took us to a tour around the neighborhood and explained minor details we would easily miss. We were impressed by the fact that we loved the very first she showed us. We made an offer for it and succeeded in a multiple offer situation. The reason for our success was her professional handling of the whole process, most notably her effective communication with the seller in obtaining relevant and instrumental information, her agility in detecting what the seller desires most and acting on it, and finally her urge to get us in contact with the loan agents who had the best track record and reputation to deliver 'in the neighborhood'. All that resulted in an offer that proved quite appealing to the seller and landed us at a price we were quite happy about. After getting in, she sailed us through a smooth ride to close the escrow. She has access to a large network of service providers from home inspection agents to experienced contractors who have come to know her over the years and who value working with her and helping her clients. Our experience with Azita has been phenomenal and with lots of joy. We look forward to working with her down the road and are glad and confident to recommend her to all our friends.

Khuong N.

Azita was our Realtor® for the purchase of our first home. She was extremely patient, respectful, and really understood our needs when helping us find our house. She was professional and had a deep understanding of the neighborhoods as well as the local real-estate market. Our deal closed smoothly thanks to her attention to detail and excellent planning. I don't think we could have found a better Realtor® for our first buying experience. She has kept in touch with us over the years and continues to be a friend of the family. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home and we would definitely hire her again for our next purchase.

Julie S.

Any Real Estate Agent can acquire knowledge of the field, Azita Alaverdi's unique strengths come from the incredibly tight relationships she has fostered over many years with the people in the community that she supports. Those relationships provide her with insights into the market, available and upcoming properties, and other powerful data points that, combined with her dedication to delivering outstanding results for her clients, make her an outstanding partner when seeking to buy or sell real estate.

Tony Z.

I have had the pleasure to know Azita as my trusted Realtor® Advisor and great friend. I have known Azita for over a decade. She is by far the most dedicated, effective, and efficient Realtor® and also the classiest that I have met and worked with. She is authentic, caring, and yet pragmatic; when I consult with her she tells me what I NEED to hear unlike many who will tell me what I want to hear. I love that about her. So Glad to have her as my Trusted Realtor® and great friend.

Simone S.

Azita helped me search for a home that would suit both my needs and price range for nearly a year! She was always very patient and accommodating. Not once did I feel like I wasn't her highest priority. We viewed dozens of homes during this period and I never felt pressured at all. I also listed my house with her to sell. She was very innovative in her marketing plan and although the market was not favorable at that time, she managed to get a number of good buyers for me. She never appeared flustered or unable to cope with the difficult situations that arose. I truly recommend Azita as a buying and selling agent.

Nine & Antone M.

Over the last 25 years, we have been involved in multiple purchases and sales across the country and we have to say that your passion, market knowledge, attention to detail, teamwork, and organization, and level of customer care are unsurpassed. We can say with full confidence and without reservation that you are the best real estate agent we have had the opportunity to work with, and wholeheartedly recommend you and your expertise to any and all in your market.

Madhu & Dinesh V.

What can I say? Before moving to California, I heard all the scary stories about the bay area real estate market, the bidding wars, etc, etc. 3 years and 4 real estate transactions later, all I can say - it has been flawless! We bought three houses and sold one, followed Azita's guidance on location, time, price, and were very comfortable with all that she suggested. As a seller's agent, Azita was super impressive - wearing multiple hats, staging, advertising, marketing! The decor was awesome, the material was very professional, and need I say anything about the yum crowd-pleaser food! Thank you Azita for making it flawless for us, be it as a buyer or a seller. You are the best and we are lucky to have you represent us in our real estate dealings.

Swetha & Sreekanth B.

Azita and her super squad are what you absolutely need to compete in the Bay Area housing market! Azita believes in establishing a lifetime relationship with her clients and does not recommend anything that she thinks is not right. She patiently listened to our needs and provided recommendations that were targeted for marketing our house at its best. We were just amazed to watch the whole process - prepping the house, the pricing, presentation, promotion with the latest technology, involving the neighbors, and having the best open house ever on our street! Everyone who visited or saw the listing only had great things to talk about the house. It is truly rare to find a person like Azita who excels in every aspect of this process and is always on top of it. Her knowledge of the local real estate market was very thorough and that helped strategize our sale pretty well, resulting in our house going into contract within a week of coming on the market, and getting a sale price that was well over the list price. We really appreciate all your help and look forward to working with you in the future as well.

Karthik & Vanita I.

Thanks, Azita for 2 very smooth transactions... We used Azita to both buy and sell our home and couldn’t have found a better agent to guide us through the entire process. Azita and her team are very professional, thorough, and accessible at all times to address any questions and concerns. We were impressed by her attention to detail to every small aspect, her efforts to go above and beyond what it takes to buy or sell a home, her knowledge of the market conditions, and the great team of people that work with her - that reflected the ease with which we were able to close our transactions on time. It was a pleasure working with her and we would highly recommend her services.

Ali Z.

I can't thank you enough for all the hard work, dedication and the time you spent in selling our house, so quickly. You made it very easy for me to sell the house, you did all the work for us, and I very much appreciate it. I most definitely will suggest you to anyone I know who is selling or wanting to purchase a home, you are an expert in your field and we were lucky to have you as a Realtor®.

Molly M.

I have bought and sold a few homes in the valley in the past decade or so and I have had the opportunity to work with different agents in this field and usually my experience has been satisfactory so I thought until I witnessed Azita in action. This time I chose to work with Azita because I had seen her work close up on a different project with another client of hers and was very pleased to see an agent going above and beyond her line of duty in order to get the work done. She’s very knowledgeable in her field and very familiar with this valley and has a lot of resources that she extends to her clients to get the project ready for either sale or purchase. She is also very articulate and communicates well with her clients and leaves no corners unturned. Hence no surprises nor last-minute discoveries. I would recommend her without any reservations to anyone who is considering selling or buying a property in this area, As I am sure she continues to execute excellent service that results in a smooth transaction.

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